10 Signs That You Need To Upskill

If you're in a dead end job or struggling to find one at all, are you missing these crucial 10 signs that you need to upskill?
10 Signs That You Need To Upskill


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Do you have a burning feeling that something isn’t quite right with where you are in your career?

If you feel that you have reached a career plateau this maybe a sign that you need to do some serious upskilling, and fast! That said, here are 10 signs that you need to upskill:

  1. You’re Constantly Asking Others For Help
  2. You’re Battling To Find Appropriate Job Opportunities
  3. Your Career Is Quickly Evolving
  4. You Don’t Feel It Is Necessary
  5. Others Are Getting Promoted Around You
  6. You Feel Frustrated
  7. You’re Lazy
  8. Feelings of Jealousy
  9. You Clock-Watch Constantly
  10. You Feel It In Your Gut

Keep reading to learn more about upskilling and how you can identify whether you need to make some changes!

What Does Upskilling Mean In The Digital Age?

10 Signs That You Need To Upskill

When we talk about upskilling we are referring to improving and enhancing skills we already have, as well as learning new ones.

This is especially important as technology advances and new skills are required in the workforce in order to succeed.

For example, many years ago it was optional to have certain technological devices, and only the super wealthy or high-tech individuals had the advantages of using them.

To contrast, these days event he most disadvantaged people have smartphones, and computers, tablets, and other advanced technology are par for the course in organizations.

So, what does this mean for employees and employers? Well, they need to be educated on how to use even the basic technology as a start.

Most job requirements ask that you have Excel, Microsoft Word, and a variety of other computer program competencies in order to qualify for an interview (and these are just the basics).

This means that if you haven’t taught yourself or done the relevant training, you’re putting yourself at a massive disadvantage and will most likely lose the position to someone else.

As technology advances, it is critical to constantly update your CV and skills, especially when it comes to social media marketing and related content that has taken over the job market.

That said, this is only one example of technological advances and keeping upthis applies to every sector and employers should try to upskill their workforce as technology advances.

Sadly, and this happens often, the onus falls on the employees to upskill themselves if the employer fails to do so. So, is it way past your time to upskill yourself, and how can you tell?

Keep reading to find out!

10 Signs That You Need To Upskill

10 Signs That You Need To Upskill

If you haven’t been promoted in years and your colleagues are climbing up the ladder, then this may be a sign that you seriously need to upskill! That said, here are some telltale signs that your suspicions may be right:

1. You're Constantly Asking Others For Help

Do you find that you’re regularly asking your fellow employees for assistance, especially when it comes to technology?

This is a telltale sign that you’re behind the rest and need to work on your upskilling!

While there’s nothing wrong asking for help once in a while, making a habit of this is not only embarrassing for you, but frustrating for your colleagues.

Nowadays, knowing how to use basic computer programs is standard, and the more advanced stuff is quickly joining those ranks. So, if you feel your capabilities do not extend beyond Drop Box, Google Docs, and Outlook Express, then it’s time to play catch up!

2. You're Battling To Find Appropriate Job Opportunities

If job searching has become a long, exhausting activity due to not find anything that matches your skillset, then this is a massive red flag.

These days the job market is full of jobs that have only been around for the past decade, such as app developers, social media marketers, data scientists, and copywriter for SEO purposes.

As the digital age advances, these types of positions have become more commonplace and lacking these skills can put you at a  disadvantage.

The good news is that it is never to late to start! After all, it is better to start late than to never start.

3.Your Career Is Quickly Evolving

If you find that the requirements around your current position are constantly changing, then it’s time you keep up.

Experts agree that modern jobs are looking for the following 3 skillsets when it comes to their employees:

  1. Emotional intelligence
  2. Technological skills
  3. Improved cognitive skills and ability to think on one’s feet

That said, these are some of the most basic ones. Depending on which sector you are in, the skillsets required will vary.

The onus is on you to ensure that you identify what these are and make the relevant changes to your own skillset so that they align.

4. You Don't Feel It Is Necessary

Another telltale sign that you need to upskill is thinking that you don’t need to!

Even if you feel that your skills match your current job and others, this doesn’t mean that things will stay this way.

Time stops for nobody and this includes changing job demands, so it is important that you are actively improving your skills in preparation, rather than waiting for time to take over.

Learning new things also helps to keep your mind fresh and malleable, which is incredibly important in the workplace.

5. Others Are Getting Promoted Around You

Nothing hurts more than seeing your colleague get promoted before you, especially if they have been there for a shorter time period.

However, instead of feeling jealous and hurt, you may want to consider the fact that they perhaps have skills that you are lacking.

If your colleague was promoted to the position that you wanted, take the time to find out what skills you lacked that were required for this particular job, and then improve your skillset to match.

6. You Feel Frustrated

Do you often find yourself longingly staring at the clock from the minute you walk into work?

If you’re clock-watching regularly and feeling frustrated at work, then this is a clear sign that you are under-stimulated and need a new challenge.

Try to suggest to your manager the option of taking a new course so that you can be given new opportunities for growth and possibly a promotion.

If all else fails, then you may want to consider leaving your current company for one that offers more opportunities for learning and growth.

7. You're Lazy

Has checking social media and random emails throughout the day become par for the course?

While some overworked employees would be only to happy to do this, it does get very old very quickly if you are doing this every day.

If your tasks haven’t changed in a year and you find yourself doing the same monotonous tasks, this can sap your motivation and result in you becoming lazy with time management and completion of tasks.

You can start by taking extra notice of which tasks are tasking longer and why, then making changes to your time management to rectify this problem.

After all, it’s going to be very difficult to learn new skills if you are battling to complete the tasks you already have.

8. The Green-Eyed Monster

If you find yourself envying the success of other employees, then this is a sign that you strongly want the same thing, yet you’re not getting it.

That said, there is often a reason behind this, specially if the people getting promoted and recognized are younger and less experienced.

Chances are that, despite your many years at the company and best intentions, your fellow colleagues simply have skills that you lack!

Try and find out which skills are lacking within the company (and yourself), particularly those that can add value and earn the company more money. Suggest relevant courses to your boss and back up why you need them and what this can do for the company.

Take the initiative instead of wishing you had what others do!

9. You Clock-Watch Constantly

If the day always feels longer than ever before and you’re constantly counting down the hours until home, then you’re not utilizing your time properly.

This is often due to a lack of meaningful work and challenges, which can either be the fault of your superior or a lack of skills. Either way, you need to0 do something about this!

Instead of watching the clock, look up new courses and approach your boss to request new challenges and responsibilities. You never know what may come of it!

10. You Feel It In Your Gut

When you know you know, right?

If you’ve reached a plateau in your career and something just isn’t sitting right with the way things are going, then you know that something needs to changeand fast!

Always listen to your gut when something doesn’t feel right because it’s almost never wrong.

You know if you are lacking certain skills and why you’re not advancing up the corporate ladder, so take the initiative to do something about it!


Learning new skills and making changes can be daunting, especially if you have become comfortable in your current position. That said, it is always better to be ahead of the game rather than waiting for change to force you into a panic!

Even if you feel you don’t need it, take up a small course in something up-to-date, relevant, and interesting to you. You never know if that simple addition to your CV could score you that promotion or new job!

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