10 Unbelievable Things You Can Find On The Dark Web

The Dark Web truly is an enigma to most, but can you believe that you can find these 10 things?
10 Unbelievable Things You Can Find On The Dark Web


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If you’ve ever heard whisperings of the illustrious entity that is the Dark Web you’re probably familiar with the fact that it’s not the safest place to be.

The Dark Web is a mysterious place that allows you to anonymously search the internet using a VPN rather than an IP (Internet Protocol) address, so you’ll never have to worry about your online activities being traced back to you.

Speaking of online activities, the Dark Web hosts a myriad of crazy, scary, and downright unbelievable sites that would blow your mind!

That said, keep reading to find out 10 of the most unbelievable things you’ll find on the Dark Web.

10 Unbelievable Things You'll Find On The Dark Web

1. Hitmen

10 Unbelievable Things You'll Find On The Dark Web

Have you ever wished that a certain person in your life would simply disappear into the abyss? Well, with the Dark Web you can make this happen!

You can choose from a variety of punishments for the person in mind, including beatings, an actual murder, and even death by torture. Crazy, right?

The problem with hiring hitmen on the Dark Web is that it is virtually impossible to distinguish between the real deal and an extortionist, so attempting to hire one is entirely at your own risk.

That said, researchers and law enforcement have claimed that the vast majority of these sites are nothing more than scams. To add to this, law enforcement officials often use these sites in an attempt to catch people paying for other people to be murdered!

2. Fake Documents

If you’re wanting to plan an escape to another country but you’re in a little trouble with the law, then you may be tempted to purchase a fake passport. That said, the Dark Web is the perfect place for this!

The Dark Web gives you the opportunity to purchase nearly any type of counterfeit document, including fake money and passwords. This means that you can easily plan your escape from the country if you ever find yourself in trouble with the law!

3. Uranium

While you can’t exactly pick up a block of uranium at your local supermarket, you certainly can on the Dark Web!

For those who didn’t know, Uranium ore is commonly used to make atomic weapons, meaning that it’s not the easiest thing to get your hands on (for good reason).

However, if you feel inclined to do this you’ll be pleased to know the Dark Web has you covered!

4. Drugs

10 Unbelievable Things You'll Find On The Dark Web

This next one certainly won’t come as much of a surprise for most of you!

Large quantities of drugs can easily be purchased off the Dark Web, including marijuana, cocaine, crack, and more. That said, hardcore narcotics aren’t the only things booming on the Dark Web.

You can also choose from your pick of prescription drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Xanax (to name only a few). You can even sell your prescription medications for money if you so wish!

5. Fake Coupons

Why make the effort to attain legitimate coupons when you can get them fake?

The Dark Web gives you the opportunity to attain pretty significant discounts from several major chains. Imagine being able to get your hands on several 20% off and more coupons at your favorite chains?

6. Deadly Poisons

10 Unbelievable Things You'll Find On The Dark Web

Remember that deadly poison from Breaking Bad that kills people almost instantly?

This chemical is known as Ricin and is not only difficult to detect but successfully kills whoever is unfortunate enough to ingest it.

In fact, you used to be able to purchase this poison from a site called Black Market reloaded, but this has since been removed with the owner arrested and the site shut down.

That said, you can still purchase Ricin off the Dark Web if you look hard enough, as well as a variety of other deadly chemicals. Pick your poison!

7. Stolen Accounts

Tired of paying for your own Netflix or Uber account? Well, why not steal someone else’s?

With the Dark Web you can successfully do exactly this with ease and efficacy! In fact, did you know you can purchase a stolen Netflix account for as little as $1?

Scarily, you can even purchase stolen PayPal accounts, allowing you to completely drain the funds in the account. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty nervous!

8. Social Security Numbers

If your credit score isn’t looking so hot and you really need that loan, then you can always purchase a new social security number that features a 750 and above credit score!

On the Dark Web you can purchase these for really affordable prices and they get shipped to you completely free of charge. What a time to be alive!

9. Purchase Fake College Degrees

If your new employee isn’t quite living up to their apparent Harvard degree, then perhaps they purchased it off the Dark Web?

The Dark Web gives you the opportunity to pay for some very convincing college degrees from absolutely any college in the world. Who knew a Harvard degree was so easy to obtain?

10. Weapons

10 Unbelievable Things You'll Find On The Dark Web

Yet another booming trade that the Dark Web has to boast is the sale of some truly dangerous weapons. While one well-known group called The Armory swear that they don’t sell to terrorist groups, it’s almost impossible to tell who you are really selling to.

You can purchase pretty much any type of weapon you desire from this group, including guns, grenades, rocket propelled grenades, and missiles. That’s pretty insane (and very, very worrying).


While the above things are only a glance at what can be seen and done on the Dark Web, there’s a whole lot more you can do!

Just remember that the Dark Web has a name for itself for a reason, and it’s way too easy to get scammed or caught up in a very dangerous predicament¬† if you’re not careful.

Keep safe out there!

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