Are You Being Tracked Online?

are you being tracked online


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Should you be concerned about your online privacy?

Most of us have heard the term “Big Brother” and we might even know that it is a reference to George Orwell’s novel, 1984. However, many people don’t realize just how “big” Big Brother has become in today’s world. In fact, there are very few things you do online that aren’t monitored by someone or something. You can be tracked through your computer or mobile device; you can be traced as you browse the internet; and most importantly, everything is logged and recorded for future use. And while some may argue this has major benefits such as improving search engine results and security on the internet – others may point out that these developments come at a huge cost: privacy!
This blog post will explore why…

are you being tracked online

10 Tips to Stop Anyone Tracking You Online

How much do you value your privacy? As someone who values their privacy, we’ve compiled a list of 10 simple tips to help keep your online activity private. 

are you being tracked online

1. Tidy up your internet browsing history after each session.

Online, you are most commonly tracked by your IP address and emails. Every site you visit leaves what are called ‘cookies’ on your computer – these cookies can be thought of like bread crumbs that track the time spent at certain websites; they also hold information such as how long someone has been browsing a page or which pages have been visited multiple times in succession. 

Cyber Security experts recommend that, if you are looking to secure your online privacy – you clear your browsing history, and cache after each session online.

are you being tracked online

2. Avoid Search Engines that use Javascript

There’s a lot of options for those who want to avoid being tracked online, but if you use JavaScript-heavy sites like Facebook, Google,  and Amazon, it might be impossible.

If we look at how our modern life is becoming increasingly digital with all its advantages as well as drawbacks then one should really consider what they’re doing every second when using these new technologies that track everything about us: Our location; whom we talk to or message on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn- etc, purchase records from retailers’ websites – even things people say in chatrooms!! It can take years before something goes unnoticed. 

STAY AWAY from Javascript Sites and Search Engines, we recommend you use popular alternatives like, Start Page, and DuckDuckGo for search engine queries. Consider using alternatives that can keep your presence undetected such as the VPN service Cyber Ghost. 

are you being tracked online

3. Create unique passwords for each account

Don’t be so trusting of the Internet. And while some people may think you have nothing worth stealing, hackers will always try their hardest to get into your account if they can find it! So make sure not only are all of accounts protected by strong passwords that are unique for each one but also avoid being lazy on websites where laziness pays off with easy-to use usernames like abcdefg1234567890@qwerty1234 etc. Use more advanced passwords with a minimum of 8 characters, include numbers, alternating uppercase and lowercase letters.

are you being tracked online

4. Don't click on suspicious emails, and don't respond to friend requests from individuals you don't know

In order to protect yourself from spam messages, it’s important that you take time out of your day and look through all accounts. This includes social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn as well as email inboxes for contacts who send unwanted emails. It might seem rude initially when someone declines an invitation since there is no excuse necessary-but think about how many people will thank us later by not having been infected with viruses…or worse.

are you being tracked online

5. Use Tor browser

Tor is a free and easy way to protect yourself from hackers. With the help of Tor, your internet browser can be scrambled so that it will appear as if you are browsing from some other location on earth by using an IP address which all major providers assign at some point during installation or activation process – even those who say they don’t! You’ll never have any problems again when trying out new sites for research without worrying about being tracked down due to this simple but effective anonymity tool in our everyday life.

are you being tracked online

6. Secure your email messages

You can keep your files and e-mails private with GPG/GNU Privacy Guard. Make sure you protect the key by keeping it as safe as a newborn baby!
Just like when we create passwords for websites, ids or anywhere else online so that others cannot read what we might write if they get access without permission first. Encryption uses an enciphering algorithm which disguise texts in such way only someone who knows how (private code) will understand them fully. 

What is GNU Privacy Guard? It’s a free-software replacement for Symantec’s PGP cryptographic software suite, which has been interoperable with GnuPG and other Openpgp compliant systems since its inception. Today it can be used not only as an e-mail encryption tool but also to digitally sign files or messages; you even have the option of creating your own personal key(s) on installation so nobody else will ever know what they are!

are you being tracked online

7. Use Bitcoin, or preferred alternative crypto coins.

There are many who still do not know about the benefits of Bitcoin. However, those in finance believe that this currency can be advantageous and it may help them avoid taxes while also remaining anonymous online or on your device’s location history tracking software like GeoTracking by some companies such as Pay Pal which is now partnering up with Bitcoins to make purchases more feasible than ever before!

are you being tracked online

8. Don't share personal details with anyone you haven't met online.

Avoid giving out your birth date, middle name, family member information, and friends names! This includes things like social security numbers or contact numbers. There are other ways you can protect yourself from identity theft by not posting personal photographs on the internet where they could potentially re-use those photos without permission as well – don’t be an easy target!

are you being tracked online

9. Don't skip the T&C's, or fine print.

Don’t just blindly enter an online account! Take some time to read through the User Agreement and understand what you are getting yourself into before setting up your own account. It could save a whole lot of hassle in the future, so be sure that this step isn’t overlooked.

are you being tracked online

10. Check and update your privacy settings in your privacy options

You should always be checking your online privacy settings and making sure they’re set at a level that you can live with. After a company alters their policies, the old ones may no longer apply so it’s best for anyone who has been using or signed up under those conditions not to rely on them anymore because what was good enough before might not cut mustard now! Stay up-to-date by editing these details yourself as well as setting reminders automatically through either device – don’t forget about reviewing this every month too just in case there have been any updates since earlier times!

are you being tracked online


We want you to be aware of how everything is tracked. But we also understand that this information has its benefits too! Which side are you on? Do you think these developments come at a cost or provide huge benefit for all internet users? Let us know what your thoughts are.

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