These ‘You’ Season 3 Memes Are Everything

These are the 'You' season 3 memes that the internet is not ready for.


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🚨 Warning: Major spoilers for “You” Season 3 ahead! 🚨

The latest season of Netflix’s hit show “You” has seen a dramatic shift from the era of Joe Goldberg to the era of Love Quinn.

We will admit, we found that Love was kind of annoying in Season 2. However, after killing Candace and a few other characters, she became gradually more interesting.

This season is set in the quiet, upper-class suburb of Madra Linda, California. Joe and Love face a difficult time coming to terms with their new suburban life as a married couple.

As the season progresses, we see the gradual self-destruction of Love Quin as she desperately tries to maintain an unrealistic standard in order to impress Joe. However, Joe has his heart set on someone else which, ultimately leads to the undoing of their relationship.

Season 3 was Love’s time to shine and shine she did indeed! Love did not hold back her murderous impulses this season and ends up proving to be just as psychotic, if not – more so than Joe himself. Many fans of the show have even gone so far as to say that they will find it difficult to watch Season 4 without Love’s character(spoiler alert – Love dies at the end of Season 3)

Anyways, without much to do – here are some of the best You Season 3 memes that summed up this season perfectly!

Jealousy definitely created an unhinged Love Quin

We’re sure plenty of scorned ladies out there who have dealt with a cheating husband, may have fantasized about axe murdering their husband’s mistress. However, Love Quin actually does it.

And of course there were new characters this season too

Adorable teenager Theo, who Love ends up having a sordid affair with. 

Let's hear it for the Conrads 👏

Love befriends the town ‘It’ Mom, Sherry Conrad. As the show progresses we see the seemingly superficial Conrads become so interesting and hilarious to the point where we end up rooting for them in the end. 

And as we said, Love Quin made some serious mistakes

Creepy Joe had his time to shine of course

The end result

I think we can certainly say that both Love Quin and Joe Goldberg were indeed psychopaths. But who was worse?


We loved this season of You, it was definitely one of the best Seasons of You yet. So here is one final meme, to sum-up this Season:

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