Why You Should Be Using A VPN At All Times (Especially If You Have Children)

VPN's help to keep personal data secured by connecting you directly to a private network, but why else should you be using one to look after your kids?
Why You Should Be Using A VPN At All Times


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The health and safety of our children are of paramount importance to us, so what exactly can a VPN do to help keep them safe online?

While VPNs cannot render your child completely anonymous on the web, this network can boost online security and hide their location, protecting them from potential criminals trying to steal their information or cause them harm.

Keep reading to find out more about how VPNs work and how they can potentially save your child’s life!

What Exactly Is a VPN And How Does It Work?

Why You Should Be Using A VPN At All Times

When you use a VPN you can relate your connection to a car travelling on the road. Essentially, a VPN ensures that the car is travelling through a secure, private tunnel to its destination instead of along a public highway where anyone can track it.

While a VPN won’t make you completely anonymous, it can certainly protect you from prying criminals and organizations looking to take advantage of your personal data.

VPNs provide security by acting as a third-party route between connections instead of sending them directly, which gives you more anonymity and reduced chances of getting tracked.

VPNs have quickly gained a bad rap due to their association with private activity and illegal dark web transactions, but this is not necessarily fair. This is because VPNs are not always used for bad activities, and software such as Tor (The Onion Router) is more liable for illegal dark web activities than a VPN.

Before I digress, VPNs should, if anything, be used by every family who respects and values their personal data such as baking information, location, purchases, and much, much more.

What Are The Benefits Of Having a VPN For My Family?

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When it comes to your kids and family, keeping them safe from danger is the number one priority. The internet can be a scary place, with criminals and hackers ready to pounce on the most susceptible victim.

That said, what exactly can a VPN do to protect your family online? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Malicious Software

While most adults have become relatively observant of suspicious-looking pop-ups and software downloads, children are much, much easier targets.

For example, young children are unlikely to read the fine print or click out of a dodgy pop-up, meaning that they’re unknowing downloading malicious software onto your device.

Once the hackers have gained access to your data, they have free reign to steal data, take over your devices, and steal your money.

By downloading a high-quality VPN you are ensuring that these attacks do not happen and your personal information is not leaked.

2. Online Surveillance

As you probably already know, we are constantly being monitored online. Have you ever Googled something and found adverts for it all over your social media and webpage?

While there’s no denying that our data is being collected for marketing purposes, who knows what else it is being used for?

If you’re worried about your personal data being shared with unknown sources, then a VPN can help to keep your personal behavior and preferences secret from prying eyes.

3. Theft Of Data

Kids and teens are more tech-savvy (and addicted) than ever before, meaning they spend the vast majority of their time using the web for school, entertainment, or gaming.

With all this time spent on the web, their passwords and other personal data can be a very attractive target for cybercriminals.

With a VPN, you can encrypt this data securely to minimize the risks of your child becoming a victim to cybercrime.

4. Phishing Attacks

Similar to malicious malware, phishing attacks can be an incredibly easy way to infiltrate the mind of a child and convince them to click on it.

Phishing is a popular method of attack as it disguises itself as a message or email from a friend, appearing completely harmless.

It is very difficult, especially for a child, to distinguish between a legitimate email from a friend an attempted attack, making them prime victims (unless you have a VON, of course)!

5. Hackers

There are some incredibly intelligent (and shady) characters out there that make a whole lot of cash from stealing data and selling it for millions.

As children are such easy targets, hackers will naturally zone in on them and do their best to take advantage of their naivety.

6. Data Harvesting

Kids these days are crazy about social media, whether it is TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. The problem with many of these sites is that they have access to your personal information including private photos, contact details, and more.

Many young children unknowingly give out their personal information to sites such as these, where they are then sometimes sold to big corporations for money.

So, what is this data being sold for? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, it’s definitely a good idea to protect your personal data from big corporations and the government. Better safe than sorry!

7. The Ability To Block Certain Websites

A good VPN gives you the option to block certain types of websites from your child’s device. Not only will this protect your child from hackers and other types of dangers, but it can protect them from harmful sites that contain pornography and violence.

8. They Can Access Public WiFi Securely

Public WiFi can be both a blessing and a curse!

Public WiFi connections are incredibly easy to intercept, meaning that hackers often use these as a means to gain access to users’ personal information.

Public networks generally have no password so that anyone can join, or the password is displayed for everyone to see. Because of this, they have become notoriously unsafe.

Hackers can therefore easily join the same network as others and spy as they please, gaining access to important data.

Since children and teens often connect to public hotspots (for convenience or to access whichever site they please without parental supervision), they can become prime victims.

With a VPN, you and your family can securely connect to any public hotspot. This is because the VPN reroutes your data through a private tunnel, protecting you from malicious hackers wanting to get hold of your personal information.


When it comes to the safety of you and your family, it is important to do what you can to protect your kids in this technology-crazed world.

That said, a high-quality VPN connection is definitely a good way to start, as long as you protect your children from certain sites and monitor their usage.

If used correctly and under supervision, a VPN can be an excellent way to allow your kids to enjoy the internet while also minimizing the risks.

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