Squid Game Memes That Broke The Internet

These squid game memes sum up how we feel pretty well.


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🚨 Warning: Major spoilers for “Squid Game” ahead! 🚨

Since its debut, the South Korean series has become a global hit for Netflix, resulting in it holding the number one spot in 90 different countries.

With Squid Game gaining so many new fans every day, here’s a new batch of funny tweets, memes and reactions that perfectly sum up this incredible series.

Despite many people originally overlooking the series due to the dubbed English, Squid Game has definitely gained popularity almost over night – and with good reason to!

Squid Game will have you grabbing your seat, crying, and laughing all in one episode. Quite frankly, we felt exhausted once we had reached the final episode.

Naturally, the internet created a flurry of memes to sum up everything from the show perfectly

So without much to do, let’s get started with 15 memes that had us in tears with laughter. These memes pretty much sum up the emotions that we were put through during this incredible show.

The Pressure

This is definitely true, if you haven’t seen this series yet – we certainly sympathize with the amount of peer pressure you must be under.

The Betrayal

I think we can all relate to this meme. After all, who would have thought that the innocent old man was never really anybody’s ‘Gganbu’

The Pain

We’ve placed this one up high for our student readers.

The Heartbreak

We love you Ali 😭

The Anger

I think most of us can agree that we all hate Sang-woo?

The Twists

Who else feels like they would definitely have gotten the umbrella?

The Devastation

Episode 6 was definitely not for the soft hearted.

The Confusion

Seriously though, this guy’s phone needs to be studied by science?

The Frustration

Firstly, why did he dye his hair red and secondly, does this guy even like his daughter? 😂


We found one more meme to conclude this article and the overall lesson of Squid Game.

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